To be female

Be nice. Be young. Be polite. Be pretty. Be sexy. Don’t be too eager. Be available. Don’t be a slut. Don’t be aggressive. Have fun. Don’t drink too much. Don’t be too available. Don’t want sex. Learn to flirt. Be aware of your surroundings. Always be in control of yourself. Don’t try to control things so much. Don’t be so sensitive. Everyone else is laughing, why aren’t you? Accept compliments. Try harder. Don’t try so hard. Don’t be so loud. Cover up. Show some cleavage. Have a perfect body. Have perfect skin. Be perfect or you won’t have/keep a relationship. Don’t say mean things. Be nice or your friends won’t like you. Don’t be a MEAN GIRL. Don’t be a push over. Be smart. Don’t be too smart. Don’t be a SMART ASS. Love yourself. Don’t be so narcissistic. Be nurturing. Don’t be so clingy. Do something with your hair. Don’t wear so much makeup. Don’t be a feminist. Be someone who cares. Support the men in your life. Don’t ask for so much. Don’t be so whiny. Who do you think you are?


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